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Mergers And Acquisitions

10M - 12B

Bond Funding is a fast, low cost non-recourse way to finance many types of real estate and non-real estate projects. It can take the form of either a 144A or Reg D structure. To further enhance an offering the client has the options of debt, convertible debt, preferred convertible stock, preferred stock or stock to raise the desired capital.

Up to 100% LTV
No Personal Guarantee
No Credit Check
No Asset Verification
Closing Timeline – Often as little as 30 to 60 days
Low Underwriting Fee
Flexible Re-Payment Terms
Can be used with Non Real Estate projects such as Technology, Pharmaceutical,
Major Business Acquisitions/Expansion, Oil & Gas Investments, Rehabs
HighlightsTerritory: Worldwide Ideal Amounts: $1-5 BILLION USD & UP (NO CAP)
As Managing General Partner of U.S. Biofuel Solutions And The Subsidiary Capital Cash We Can Fund All Your Renewable Energy Projects and Provide You With The Missing Pieces.
U.S. Biofuel Solutions is the leading provider of professional consulting, credit risk management and capital solutions dedicated to serving clients in the food, agribusiness, and renewable energy industries.
The U.S. Biofuel Solutions Mission
U.S. Biofuel Solutions is dedicated to helping middle market food, agribusiness and renewable energy companies create sustainable business success.
Core Values

Relationship Driven
Honesty and Candor
Highest Standards of Integrity and Ethics
A Culture of Respect

Core Value Drivers

Customer Measured Success - We create successful clients, not just projects.
Value Driven - Value creation is at the center of every business.
Offer Trusted Insight - Open, honest communication sets the foundation for trusted relationships, and true independence ensures an open mind.
Collaborative, Transparent and Disciplined - No black box. We seek to transfer understanding and knowledge to clients, not create a dependency.
Accountable for Contribution - We stand behind our work with a 100% performance guarantee, delivering consistent and reliable results.

Our Energy Services Division    

Consulting Capital Credit Risk Management

Capital Services Provided by U.S. Biofuel Solutions , LLC, FINRA/SIPC
Dedicated to the food, agribusiness, and renewable energy industries, U.S. Biofuel Solutions provides consultative solutions for its clients focused in the areas of business management, credit risk management, and capital services. U.S. Biofuel Solutions provides our clients with practical and comprehensive solutions with an independent perspective; a combination that is truly unique and valued in the marketplace. As a trusted and committed partner, we create exceptional value by leveraging our market, business, and financial expertise to help clients create and maintain renewable business success.
Consulting Services
Strategic Business Planning (Board Development): We take a unique approach to helping companies gain the strategic focus and alignment so critical for business success

Market Assessments: We help our clients better understand what’s possible for their organization given the realities of the marketplace and in the context of their business goals and objectives.

Pre-Feasibility Assessment Tools: These engagements leverage the latest technology to deliver web-based learning tools that help accelerate the targeted audience’s understanding of new markets and the realities of doing business in those markets.
Feasibility Studies: We help our clients understand the risks and opportunities associated with major initiatives or investments; i.e., acquisitions, building new facilities, forming alliances of JVs, etc.
Business Planning: Venture Capital Cash U.S. Biofuel Solutions approach to business planning provides our clients a vehicle to communicate effectively with stakeholders, a robust base for legal counsel to formalize an offering memorandum and a proven framework for focused execution that minimizes costly mistakes during the construction and early operation phases.

Investment Analysis Valuation and Marketing Strategy: U.S. Biofuel Solutions analyzes the unique financial, technical, operational and market attributes of each investment and how those attributes can be leveraged to provide the optimal investment returns for the client.
Project Development and Management: We help our clients navigate the project to success through each step in the process. We provide a unique and valuable perspective, while enabling the client to make better decisions.
Private Placement Memorandum: U.S. Biofuel Solutions draws on our 30 combined years of experience in the banking community to help our clients present and position their projects to the investment community in a clear and effective manner to which the financial community reacts positively.
Operational Assessments and Process Improvement Initiatives: We work to provide clients an independent perspective on the state of their business against their strategic objectives and provide a disciplined process for closing the identified gaps. Much of this work is designed around ‘turnaround’ initiatives.
Financial & Business Modeling, Valuations and Assessments: Interactive modeling of business lines, enterprises, businesses and important investments to provide clients with a dynamic tool for exploring the possibilities.

Capital Services

Financial Advising and Capital Planning: U.S. Biofuel Solutions takes a unique approach to help companies reach their strategic goals and to maximize shareholder value through financial advisory and capital planning services.
Merger and Acquisition Facilitation: Building from the critical success factors assembled through years of experience, we assist clients in positioning contemplated mergers or major acquisitions to succeed. We assist clients in finding the merger or acquisition partners and, if needed, U.S. Biofuel Solutions can assist with the procurement of financing for the acquisition. We also assist companies that wish to sell some or all of their business.
Debt and Equity Capital Raising: We can assist our clients in raising equity and debt capital for new projects as well as assist existing companies in need of growth capital or liquidity.
Restructuring and Recapitalizations: We can give our clients guidance on options around potential ways to restructure their existing balance sheet for new ventures or to attract new capital. U.S. Biofuel Solutions assists companies in recapitalizing their businesses with new debt financing and outside equity capital, allowing an owner to enjoy some liquidity while remaining a part owner to participate in the future upside.
Credit Risk Management Services
Credit Reviews and Assessments: We can provide independent perspective, insight, and experience to assist your organization in assessing the volatile commodity cycles, the underlying credit risks associated with the commodity markets, and the implications to your portfolios with the following services.

Allowance for Loan Loss Analysis and Review

Credit Review of Loans
Loan Administration
Portfolio Participation Review
Compliance with FCA Rules and Regulations
Collateral Review, including Borrowing Base Management and Administration
Scope of Lending and Eligibility
Environmental Review
Commercial and Institutional Regulatory Compliance
Due Diligence for Portfolio Purchases
Lease Analysis and Risk Management

Credit and Appraisal Training and Education: We provide valuable credit and appraisal training to enhance the expertise of your staff focused on the following areas.

Risk Rating and Loss Given Default Application
Allowance for Loan Loss Analysis and Review
Credit Review of Loans
Loan Administration
Loan Administration
Compliance with FCA Rules and Regulations
Complex Loan Analysis
Loan Participation Review

Commercial Bank and ACA Consulting Projects:
 We will assist you in customizing solutions based upon the specific needs of your organization, and we are uniquely positioned to assist your organization in the following areas. Recent Engagements Development of the First Integrated Biodiesel and Ethanol Biorefinery in the U.S.: U.S. Biofuel Solutions and the client partnered to develop the first integrated ethanol and biodiesel biorefinery in the United States. U.S. Biofuel Solutions performed the feasibility study, business planning and worked as the project manager of a multidisciplinary team to develop the biorefinery project. During the feasibility and business planning stages of the project, U.S. Biofuel Solutions worked with the customer and the team to understand the cost savings and value enhancement, and to quantify the diversification, provided by the integrated biorefinery. The development phase included: •    finalizing contracts with vendors for construction, marketing and origination, •    working with the technology providers & constructor to developed the integrated model, •    finalizing site and permitting details, •    working with the railroad to determine options for plant access, •    working with legal and accounting on the prospectus, •    working with lenders and investors to understand the value of the project, •    working with the board on management selection and on capital raising strategies.

Integrated Oil seed Crush Facility and Biodiesel Plant Feasibility Study and Business Plan: U.S. Biofuel Solutions put our client in a position to make an informed business decision as to the attractiveness of investing in a biodiesel production and an oil seed crushing facility by analyzing the market, economic, technical and financial feasibility of both ventures. U.S. Biofuel Solutions assessed each venture on its individual merit as well as the opportunity as a vertically integrated strategy. The client has decided to move forward with the biodiesel venture and now understands the market and economic requirements for a potential expansion into an oilseed crushing facility. U.S. Biofuel Solutions also completed the business plan for the proposed biodiesel plant.
Private Placement Memorandum Development for Client Planning to become Leader in Ethanol Production U.S. Biofuel Solutions assisted in the development of private placement memorandum designed for the public market. The client is a renewable fuels company that has plans to be the industry leader in ethanol production. U.S. Biofuel Solutions worked with the company’s legal counsel, investment bankers and business representatives to help articulate the company’s strategy and package the document to meet the requirements of the Securities & Exchange Commission.
Biodiesel Product Development Analysis and Feasibility Study of Biodiesel Plant for Internal Use:U.S. Biofuel Solutions worked for a Fortune 500 industrial catalyst company to educate the team on the biodiesel industry, and to look at product development opportunities in the biodiesel industry. U.S. Biofuel Solutions also worked with the team to help the company understand the feasibility of producing biodiesel at one of their industrial facilities to be used for the company’s internal energy needs as a means of diversifying its industrial energy risk.

Destination Market Ethanol Plant Feasibility Study: Venture Capital Cash if U.S. Biofuel Solutions conducted a feasibility study for a planned 50 million gallon per year ethanol plant to be located in a destination market. The project seeks to leverage a waste energy resource and reduce infrastructure costs by co-locating with an established industrial operation in the area. As a result, the plant expects to qualify for 2.5 renewable energy credits associated with the Biomass and Waste Energy Utilization program as part of the RFS. In addition to an analysis of the market, economics, technical and financial implications, the feasibility analysis also included a national assessment of the net cost of starch to the plant and benchmarked projected performance against national 100 million gallon per year and 50 million gallon per year plants around the country.

Glycerin Market Assessment and Biodiesel Impact Analysis: U.S. Biofuel Solutions conducted a detailed market analysis of the global and domestic glycerin markets and identified the major producers and consumers in the market for a publicly traded producer of renewable fuels. The study highlighted the impact of biodiesel on the glycerin market and how it is affecting the traditional players in the glycerin market. U.S. Biofuel Solutions researched numerous developing technologies that could produce new applications for the glycerin streams coming off of biodiesel plants and interviewed many of the companies to gain a working knowledge of their processes and technologies. U.S. Biofuel Solutions concluded the study with three potential pathways the client could take to create value from their glycerin by product of their biodiesel plant.
Technology Viability Assessment (Biodiesel): Worked on behalf of a large Canadian private equity firm to assess the financial, operational and market ramifications of a new biodiesel technology in order to facilitate informed business decision making.


Feasibility Study (Biodiesel and Ethanol): In the last year, U.S. Biofuel Solutions has conducted over twenty business feasibility assessments of constructing and operating a commercial sized biodiesel or ethanol production facility. The objective of the engagements was to put the customer in the position to make an informed business decision by looking at the market, economic, technical and financial feasibility.
Business Plan to Investment Prospectus (Biodiesel, Ethanol, and Integrated Biodiesel and Ethanol):Worked with more than a dozen teams, typically including the customer, the engineer/constructor and legal counsel, to fortify their business plan with additional due diligence, project and market detail, and robust financials so the principles could solicit investment from the public.
Private Placement Memorandum: Worked with teams consisting of legal, financial, and client representatives to develop a private placement memorandum for several renewable fuels companies.

Investment Evaluation (Biodiesel and Ethanol): Conducted several comprehensive investment due diligence financial, technical, operational and market assessments on behalf of a potential large equity investor to assess of the viability of these ethanol plants.
Investment Analysis and Marketing Strategy (Ethanol and Biodiesel): Conducted multiple financial and market analysis, and formulated a market penetration strategy for a global commodities marketer and logistics company. The company is a major ethanol and biodiesel marketer and often makes investments to complement their service offerings.

Joint Venture Due Diligence and Feasibility (Biodiesel): Performed comprehensive investment due diligence assessments and feasibility studies on several joint venture projects to ensure an understanding of the market, economic, technical and financial viability and synergies of such ventures for our clients.
Project Development and Management (Biodiesel): Led and worked with several client-teams to identify and obtain strategic vendor & construction/design partners, worked on site development & oversight, the development of financial structure and facilitated meetings with banks and equity providers, and contributed to board oversight & management.


Oil seed Processing Feasibility: Provided the client with the information necessary to make an informed business decision based on the market, technical, business, economic, and financial feasibility factors for both small and large scale oilseed processing facilities.
Investment Due Diligence: Performed a comprehensive investment due diligence assessment, for potential investors, on a leading technology solutions provider. This provider serves the livestock management, traceability and source verification markets.
Grain and Fertilizer Unit Train Shuttle Expansion Feasibility and Business Plan: Conducted a feasibility study and authored a business plan for a client who was assessing the investment feasibility of re-aligning their organization around a shuttle certified grain and fertilizer terminal. The project entailed shifting the companies focus from a marginal company in many enterprises (grain, agronomy, energy, feed, hardware, C-stores, tire shops) to a company focused in a businesses they could dominate and thrive in for the long-term.

Capital Planning for Large Dairy Processor: Developed comprehensive strategic and capital plans designed to identify strategic investment objectives and priorities as well as to determine appropriate capital requirements and structure.
Interim Chief Operating Officer: Serving as interim COO to help a rapidly expanding organization build the necessary operating and management infrastructure to support ambitious growth plans and attract necessary capital investment.
Business Transformation: Developed an accelerated performance improvement plan for a $65 million farm supply and marketing cooperative. The plan is expected to deliver $5.2 million to the bottom line.

Fresh Vegetable Feasibility Study and Development of Pilot Marketing Program: Conducted a market and business feasibility study to assess the viability of four vegetable companies working together to market their products under one common platform. Additionally, a pilot program was developed for the 2005 harvest season to test the value of the approach and quantify the impact back to the businesses.


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We can fund 100 % all day and do Billion dollar deals, we are not taking money upfront but we are definitely taking portions of ownership or structuring it with out equity share then relies more on other risks to assess but yes we do 100% financing and have proof and references from 1B to 12B projects here and internationally.