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International and USA Niche Non-Recourse 90% Loan To Cost Development Construction Loan Finance limited Documents Required- 5.5% Rate

This Project is geared to Commercial , Hotels, Resorts, Multifamily, Alternate Energy Projects all over the world. It is an excellent funding facility. Minimum Loan amount $10 Million to One Billion. Rate 5.5%with up to 90% LVR. 10% deposit or $1 Million ( secured by a performance bond issued by a highly rated insurance company). we can fund in Euro, USD, AUD or GBP.

Benefits of this facility:

1) Limited Documents Required

2) Non-Recourse

3) Limited pre-sales

4) Locked in draw down schedule

5) Similar to a line of credit

6) Construction rate at 5.5%

7) LVR to 90%

8) Quick Turnaround

Process For development Funding

Executive summary

Valuation if available

Cash Flow projections for up to 5years

Source and use of funds

Borrowers CV

Borrower's assets and Liability Statement

We are seeking any global and US projects that is capable and makes sense. No upfront fees. We do worldwide lending at 100% that includes most if not all of the costs of processing your loan through funding. The lender charges no origination points. USD $5 Million to $5 Billion in funding. We have a special large project funding niche program through a sovereign fund for projects over $100 million, 100% Equity Funding.

Our goal at Venture Capital Cash is to develop an optimal project structure and develop a critical path for the project's success. From beginning stages of project development through to operational completion. Some highlights are interest rate fixed for 10 years at 4.5%, the lender charges no origination fee for the loan and provides joint venture equity to 100%++, the loan is non-recourse, grace roll period on payments to 36 months option available, no repayment penalty subject to no accrued interest at exit, and the first right of refusal to acquire the joint venture lender's share at its then current market.

And finally, please remember that most processing cost will be included and financed along with the project proceeds at funding , thus 100%++Financing.

The 100% preferred funding types are:

-Housing and development,

-All forms of Condominiums and Hotel developments in prime locations/major cities,

-Mixed-Use (Department Stores, Condos, Hotels)

-Resorts w/Marinas, Casinos, Villas, Beach Access

-Waste Management Projects

-Waste- Energy Projects -Biofuels

-All forms of Energy Projects including Power Plants/Hydro, Solar, Wind

-Aqua Culture Projects

-Mining (all types)

-Other types of projects considered on a case-by-case basis

Please note : No Up - Front Fees , but you will be responsible for due diligence and third-party costs associated with the funding requirements for the project once a final approval and commitment to fund is issued.

Send Executive summary, Source and Uses, Bios, 5 Year Projections

Executive Summary- A concise, but through overview that includes: Description of property, Legal Owner, Loan Amount & Use of Funds, Date of Purchase & price, debt service, Sources & Uses, Exit Strategy, The Story, Color Photos.

Operating Income- We need a complete financial picture if not included in ES above:

Current NOI ( If Applicable) & Proforma NOI 5 year Projections,

Other Helpful Items include:

For Initial Assessment:

Project Name, Project Location, New Development or Acquisition, Project Type (Multi-Family, Retail, Etc.), Requested Loan amount, Amount equity in project, Amount of liquidity.

Low rates, Quick response, Quick Turn Times, Creative Thinking in getting your project the best project financing and funding available.

Many Sources of capital: Hedge Funds,Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity, Joint Venture Equity, Direct Investment, China, Hong Kong, U.K., Dubai Investors, Wall Street, Medium Term Notes Investors, Pension, Insurance Companies, Wealthy Individuals and Family Office.

Preferred Locations: USA, Canada, Islands, Latin America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, China, India, Russia, Eastern Europe, Australia, and Mexico.

Programs : (Worldwide Funding)

100% Loan-to-Cost Non-Recourse Sovereign Wealth Fund Funding.

100% Hard Money Construction Loan

100% Preferred Equity/ Equity Loans

100% Credit Enhancement Loans

100%Debt (60%) and (40%) Private Equity Program @4.5% Debt rate

100% Non-recourse Construction Loans

100% Medium Term Notes

100% Hedge Fund CE Program

100% Bank Instrument/SBLV/BG/LCs/SwiftMT 799 & Swift MT760 Monetizing Alternatives

100% Joint Venture Funding

100% Combination Debt and Equity Funding

100% Equity Funding for 100 million and over large projects, a niche program at it"s best

We do have a 100% construction program under $5 Million if you already own the land

We will consider Bank Guarantees, Letter of Credit, Monetizing Alternatives

Over the years we believe successful projects come from almost 100% of the time from the people working their project.

Please note Venture Capital Cash Service include but not limited to:

Acquisition Finance/ Merger and Acquisition/ structuring the financing (asset and Equity)Leveraged Buyouts, Restructuring and More.

100% Project Funding through 144a Capital Raises, Direct Equity, Private Investors, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Hedge Funds, Pensions, Insurance Companies, Wall Street, Family Offices.

Private Equity- Structuring and Organizing new funds through traditional private equity, asset funds and hedge funds.

Credit Enhancements- We have place highly structured credit enhancement and target risk capital products that provide efficient solutions for large investment projects. In each case, the structured product is tailor-made to efficiently mitigate risk and integrated into the overall project structures.

Collateral Loan Program - Hedge fund CE Program, Medium Term Notes, Bank Instruments/SBLC/BG/LCs/SwiftMT799/SwiftMT760, Monetizing Alternatives

Joint Venture- We understand the design, negotiation and implementation of entity structure to accommodate multiple rounds of financing, equity incentives and most importantly, significant growth. Because we understand the practices and expectations of the venture community, we are equally suited to guide companies planning in venture capital.

Venture Capital-transactions range from early stage seed rounds through late stage venture rounds involving the issuance of preferred stock, convertible debt instruments, warrants, and secured and unsecured bridge debt.

Loans, Financing, Commercial Bridge Loans, Land Loans, Hotel Loans, Construction Loans, Stated and Hard Money are available.

Whatever your financing needs may be, Venture Capital Cash has the experience and capability to find solid solution to fulfill them.

Venture Capital Cash Project Funding



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