Mergers And Acquisitions

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WE CAN GET YOU AN L.O.I. {Letter of Intent Not Interest} IN 72

HOURS AND CLOSE FAST, Our L.O.I. is written by our investor underwriter and is the same person that signs the check. 




Be it start up, Early Stage, Late Stage, Expansion Capital we have the best acquisition ground breaking, construction to perm loans available. Our team can buy out projects that have failed and or recover projects with over runs and need bail outs, our specialty isn't just getting the big deal done we have experience, investors and the team to use all types of resources to make things happen.

We can do 100 % financing easy but what makes us unique is that we know what it takes to get things done and fill in the missing pieces of the project. We have a team that can handle your setbacks and work to get the solutions as long as you have the aggressiveness to keep up. With our hard core business funding that is not asset or fico based and alternate funding we have a huge spectrum of resources as well as the minds to structure around almost any problem. We can take a client to the highest level but our niche is 500 M to 1 B projects.

We can out fund what you need and always get you more. Our business model takes your project from start to finish and in many cases we set you up for the final phase to sell out before you’re even in operation and cash you out right away vs. waiting 5 to 10 years or take you to our partners and go public and get your project off even more.

None the less much of our Equity Funding is no recourse and is made for your total success. We advise investor groups that: have to invest and their total combined capital under management is over 500 B so they literally have to invest to avoid taxation. Our investor partners go with our recommendation, due diligence, and combined underwriting; our L.O.I.’s are done in 72 hours and only have limited stipulations. They are written by the person in charge of writing the check, so they are very close to final done deal approval. We have hedge fund, pension funds and other private portfolio investors that we have a partnership with and can provide super project funding and pull whatever partners in to fund literally any unlimited amount for the right project. We supply references and proof after L.O.I. and one can see how we have the capacity to fund U.S.and globally and do what others couldn't and can't.

We have many projects globally currently and can fund more in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, India, Canada, Belize, Italy, Europe, Bahamas’, Japan, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Bhutan, Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Senegal, Qatar or whatever project you have that makes sense, viable, has strong numbers, good exit strategy and profitable.

Venture Capital Cash can structure any of your commercial Real Estate needs our niche is definitely over 100 M and above but we will help you get your Real Estate done and keep you as a client and get you to 1 B range (if not already there) as we work, guide, set you up for bigger numbers and tailor all your future ventures for higher profits, faster and bigger exits and get you to the next level where we need you at. We build you into the next level, we are looking for big deals now or clients who want to go big we are not the neighborhood mom and pop lender, our model is for the clients that are aggressive and want next level, will follow our guidance, get stipulations we need and allow up to keep taking you higher.

We are looking for long term high end projects that we will get closed fast, our team that doesn't waste time or get slowed down in the act of pretend funding like other companies that can't fund a happy meal. We are a privately owned company and want: select serious, on point, experienced commercial clients who have their whole life in their project(s) and can operate their dream and be open to us getting them more then they need, faster than they expected, clients ready to do the next deal before they expected, we move fast and get you profiting in and out and on new ones quick to build your portfolio and our exponentially.   You won’t find more aggressive funding vehicle, we expect you to do the same. We don't take money upfront but if you’re wanting real funding be ready to move and pull the trigger and keep it up.  If you’re not ready, not serious and or not even knowledgeable about your business or the aspects of the business and what you need don't call.

If you have your business plan and executive summary send it to us and we'll call you and talk. We'll go off how you present your project if you sound good we will make it happen and make it happen big. We have the resources and the amount of money is unlimited. We have funded some hedge funds themselves and fund projects that have been turned down all over, just be straight with us on the phone tell us what's the problem minute one if there is a problem then we can solve what is missing and make things happen. We are here to build investors to the next level and our model is that you are our investment, if you know your business and have the team and the track record and intellectual property and brains we can make long prosperous future.

We Will Give You Options & You Can Choose

Bond, Private, Debt, Equity, Transnational, Angel Investing, Alternative Funding


➢Funding Faster

➢Less Moving Parts and Participants

➢Flexibility and Quicker LOI

Equity & Venture Capital from the Private Investors in U.S.
Equity & Venture Capital from the Middle East
Equity & Venture Capital from the Australia
Equity & Venture Capital from Saudi
must be solid with viable exit strategy and Principals must be proven and
experienced Highlights
U.S. & Worldwide
$10M-7B +
transaction time depends on location and complexity.
Up to 30 years amortized, shorter or longer term, (negotiable)
Rate: 4-7% (higher for less than 5 year term)
Party Reports: Client is responsible, at client expense, for any and all
reports, appraisals and any other type of third party compilation about the


The Benefits of a 144A Bond Offering  144A

Bond Funding is a fast, low cost, non-recourse way to finance many types of

real estate and non-real estate projects.


of a 144A Bond Offering:

 ➢ 100% LTV

➢ No personal guarantee

➢ No credit checks

➢ No personal asset verification

➢ No loss of equity in your business

➢ Quick turnaround time – often under 90 days

➢ Low underwriting fee

➢ Flexible repayment terms

 ➢Eligible Projects: Many types

 ➢ Stabilized real estate

➢ Construction

➢ Rehab

➢ Agriculture

➢ Mines

➢ Oil & gas

➢ Energy

➢ Non-Real Estate such as technology, pharmaceutical,

major business acquisition/expansion, especially Dental, Veterinary,
Ophthalmology, and all Surgery Practices
must be solid with viable exit strategy and Principals must be proven and
experienced Highlights
U.S. & Worldwide
$10M-7B +
transaction time depends on bond size, location and complexity.
Up to 30 years amortized with balloon payment (negotiable)
Rate: 5-7% (higher for less than 5 year term)
Party Reports: Client is responsible, at client expense, for any and all
reports, appraisals and any other type of third party compilation about the project.


➢ Send preliminary package (Exec Sum, Biz Plan),

➢Questionnaire, conference call & LOI issued in 72


➢ Multiple conference calls

➢ Bond analysis and pre-underwrite

➢Bond issues a positive opinion in 2 weeks

➢ Bond engaged and bond underwritten

➢ Bond created

➢ Funding

 * 144A: A 1990 SEC rule that facilitates the resale of privately placed securities that are without SEC registration. The rule was designed to develop a more liquid and efficient institutional resale market for unregistered securities.

We want to finance any state of your venture project development from: seed funding, start up (with angels, private or alternate funding), growth series A, B, C or D, Second Round (working capital, cash infusion and Series B, C) Expansion (conduit, or mezzanine and or we can do bridge financing) Exit stage and strategy then kick you into IPO or Investor Buy out or have already set you up from minute one which we normally do for the target competitor and work the buy and leverage our market share we have strategically manipulated to where they have to buy you out and you walk off right after project has just went into operation.

We have the knowledge to turn Millions into multi Billions with the tactics we use, funding and getting financing is not enough in this day and age. It takes a smart ingenious team, someone with foresight and knowledge, wisdom, prudence to calculate what the competition doesn’t and you don’t. Many projects, analysis and feasibility studies and all the numbers show profitability, inevitability and endurance but we like to add the high score factor to the equation. Others fund and have typical minds, methods and mediocre efficiency, abilities and limits to their resources cause they are brainwashed banker clones trying to replicate what doesn’t work with normal debt financing. 

We are here to make you the MOST CASH and CAPITAL, funding is a term people say they can do we take your whole plan to the next echelon. We work with intensity, prudence and speed, you can attempt to shop us but by the time the competition has figured out they can’t do it we have already figured out every stage, your current exit and how we can tweak it to highest pinnacle of wealth and set you up for the numbers on your next project. 

We are not performing just to get you funding we are calibrating ourselves and honing your plans to exceed the predicted range because we know the markets, finance and the competition’s financing thus we can set you up to out structure, privatize, liquidate and make your whole operation more profitable with lower over head better cash flow and bigger exit strategy then you or they anticipated.  Our Investors want you long term and we will cross collaborate you with our other funding ventures for maximum wealth creation on the highest yielding privatized and ventured legal funding vehicles around and if your on the right page as we are we can use you participating ventures as well all making our clients top of their sectors easily.

We like to work your project backwards to forwards and demolish your competition so bad that we outperform everyone in the funding sector and make our clients top in their sector. We have built this company on building clients to the next level and it’s taken 8 years and this year we have closed many deals of 1 Billion and more and rolling them over to even higher numbers. 

We are faster, more efficient and can create higher profit margins than any other funder with our years of defensive and strategic capital and business maneuvering. Funding isn’t about just getting money or the banks could help, we are here for when it’s too big and they can’t like everyone else claims but the difference is we unlike the rest make it happen, and invest all our minds, resources and team into you and your business to be the top number one in your sector with every angle. 

We hedge our clients and take the top producers and circle back to venture our lower ones thus we have created a class of corporations that have far succeeded their competitors and allowed us to fund in them in the billions as wells as outsiders with experience and backgrounds that match. We are here to deliver for you the results you cannot and will not find anywhere hard core real private equity funding and venture funding. If take you on as a client you won’t ever have to worry about money and getting more and the traditional problems all the others have cause they are limited mentality, resources, and abilities we strive to be number not anything less. We have the track record, the team, connections and resources if you want to have the best.