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  • Experts, Corporate Aircraft Financing, Strategic, Flexible, Custom Capital For You Aviation Needs.
  • Syndicators, attorneys, accountants, appraisers, industry-specific credit underwriters, contract administrators and equipment managers
  • Senior aircraft appraisers, aircraft maintenance inspectors, aircraft remarketers with broker-dealer resale experience, an airframe and powerplant technician, an               asset specialist and an aircraft market research specialist 
  • Aquistion, Brokering, Refinance, or Refinance Retrofitting 
  • Depend on our significant experience handling complex Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, international requirements and aviation insurance issues
  • LEVERAGE for Maximum capacity for single or PORTFOLIO purchases
  • Aircraft equipment manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, fixed base operators, aircraft management and maintenance firms

             a. Tax benefits

             b. Aircraft registrations  

 Products and value-added services:

  • Traditional, debt financing, or private money 
  • Tax and non-tax operating leases
  • Capital Markets syndications and advisory services
  • Preferred transactions 2M +
  • Fixed and floating rates
  • Long term and long amortizations

Financing for:

  • Fixed-wing aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • New and pre-owned aircraft
  • Turbo Props, piston
  • Zero down payment under certain circumstances or sometimes to 10% and or take a trade in


  • Looking for longer term we can go out to 30 years in some instance and 20 years for aircraft over 1990
  • Want better interest rate we have rates down to 4.99% and offer fixed, interest only, no PPP and some baloon loans 
  • Wanting to pull cash out and use the capital to subsidize your fleet, expand it or improve the capitalization for cash flow we can assist you with your needs.

Refinance Retrofitting

       Looking to stay in compliance or just get the latest in synthetic vision, keep with the FAA requirements even though they have been more relaxed in the last few years or just keep up with the Jones we can help you.  Be it airframe, powerplant or avionics for your jets or your piston airplane we can the credit you want.  We are here for you when the latest products hit the market for the best technology you want.  If your still working with round instruments and want an estimate on glass give us a call we work with Garmin, BendixKing AeroValue Touch, Dyon Skyview HDX, Aspen E5, Sandel Avilon or bring us what brand your wanting to upgrade too.  If your looking to upgrade your cabin to luxury canvas from Mercedes, BMW Design Works, Porsche Design Studio, Pinaferarri or reconfigure the whole cabin to ad bedrooms, showers, staterooms, bars, the latest lighting, more space or ergonomics.   

Solutions for:

  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Privately held companies
  • Large, publicly traded Fortune 1000 corporations

In-depth relationships with:

  • Aircraft OEMs, dealers, suppliers, FBOs
  • Aircraft management and maintenance firms
  • Aircraft service providers
  • Previously worked at Bombardier, Learjet, Cessna & Raytheon as well as Flight Safety

                                and maintained past relationships

Preliminary Information Required

  1. Borrower’s Name (Entity To Hold Aircraft)
  2. Address
  3. Guarantors
  4. Aircraft Purchase Price
  5. Requested Finance Amount
  6. Aircraft Domicile
  7. Part 91 or Part 135 Operation
  8. Estimated Annual Flight Hours
  9. Previously Owned Aircraft
  10. Aircraft Specification Sheet
  11. CAMP (CMP) Maintenance Reports

Items Required For Underwriting

  1. Current personal financial statement (no older than six months), signed and dated
  2. Last two years’ personal tax returns, including K-1s (if applicable)
  3. Bank and brokerage statements that verify liquid assets, listed on your personal

             financial statement (cash and marketable securities)

  1. Capital Cash Empire Client Info Release Form
  2. Copy Of Pilot’s License (if applicable)
  3. Copy Of Driver’s License or passport
  4. We also may request W2’s or pay stubs (2 years)

The Closing Process

The closing process is complex, we have outlined below the information required to complete the process. Please note that every transaction is unique, therefore the below items are subject to change.

We will assist you in obtaining and executing the following information for closing:

  1. Loan & Aircraft Security Agreement
  2. Application for Registration, this is how your aircraft will be registered.
  3. BOS (Bill of Sale)
  4. All Applicable Bank Documents
  5. A&I (Accident and Incident) report may be required.
  6. Certificate of Insurance with Endorsements
  7. FAA Lien and International Registry Searches
  8. Aircraft Lease Agreement
  9. Confirmation of Engine Program
  10. Settlement Agreement
  11. Authorization to Close



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